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    DTM is coming to SA.

    Award-winning is an understatement.

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    BMW M Power.

    Decades of making hearts beat faster.

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    BMW Driving Experience.

    Accelerate your everyday routine.

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    BMW M Performance Parts.

    A passion for perfect performance.

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    Vehicles on show at the BMW M Festival.

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    Terms and Conditions.

    Children aged 16 and under free, all other persons must hold a valid BMW M Festival ticket.
    Test drives are not guaranteed, they operate on a first come, first serve basis.
    A valid South African Driver’s license is required to participate in experiences.
    This event features loud noise, music and flashing lights.
    Disallowed items: Firearms and anything event security deems to be a “weapon”, food and beverage, umbrella’s, chairs or furniture, a bad attitude.
    Permissible items: Basic sustenance for babies and small children, a love for BMW M cars and a good attitude!

    If you would like to be an exhibitor at the BMW M Festival please click here to get in touch.